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Released From Prison April 1st 2013 is now back in Texas

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Everything about her is a complete fraud.

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Donna Kaye Fussner Joyner Machos spent 3 years in Coffee Creek Correctional Institute and, released April 1st 2013.

Released early she was able to return to Texas and served two years of the five years of probation before having the probation order dropped.

Through all the years of deceit and lies comes the inescapable truth. 

Multnomah County Oregon has proven that Donna K. Machos is a criminal and the court sentenced her to 48 months in Prison.

The District Attorney for Multnomah County Oregon verified Donna Kaye Fussner Joyner Machos to be a Sociopath.  By virtue of a pre-sentence report by the courts psychiatrist and referenced by the district attorney in the sentencing audio in the Pre-sentence investigation or (PSI).

Hear it now. Cannot be cured. Not amenable to treatment.....Ipod  .......WMA  District Attorneys cannot make up facts.  .Ipod  .............WMA        

Sociopaths and Lie Detectors
Sociopaths pass the lie detector test because they are miswired.  They register few biological 
stress indicators making it simple for them to fool a polygraph examiner. They feel little or no guilt about deceiving people.

In reality, a polygraph test (a.k.a. lie detector) doesn’t detect lies; it measures heart rate, blood pressure and other physiological functions. When asked questions, the resulting response above the established base line for the tested individual is considered a lie. But narcissists and sociopaths will pass polygraph tests with ease. That’s because they believe that what they are doing is right for them, regardless of cultural or social norms or harm done. They don’t see themselves as wrongdoers. A narcissist believes he or she is simply living life their way. A married narcissist may believe that she is entitled to be sexually or emotionally involved with other men or women. If confronted with the betrayal, she might be a bully, act self-righteously or engage in addictive self-soothing behaviors.

In this case DKM's lie detector test was given before the courts psychologist determined her to be a Sociopath.

The term Antisocial Personality Disorder does not mean she lives in a cabin hidden away from people. Sociopaths are charming, entertaining and witty. Sociopaths look and act like your best friend. If you expect sociopaths to have a crazy or sinister appearance, you're sadly mistaken. Sociopaths look non-descript, average or attractive—just like anybody else. Sociopaths come from all walks of life—including well-educated, well-off families. Many sociopaths, therefore, have good social graces. They know how to dress and how to behave in polite society. This doesn't stop them from lying, cheating and stealing. On the contrary, it makes their deceptions easier. Sociopaths from middle-class or privileged backgrounds often excel at white collar crime—fraud, phony stock schemes, embezzlement.

They have no empathy they mimic empathy. Its all an act.

She now owes the state of Oregon Treasury, The IRS, several judgments, personal loans and the list goes on and on... 

She will never work long enough to pay her debts.  Unless you do it for her.

Read the rest of this for your own protection


The following is cut from the Judges orders please read the entire judgment linked below.

Read the entire judgment here with special conditions.

She has lied to you but, you will find the truth here.

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This site exists to help you find out about Donna Kaye Fussner Joyner Machos  before you become another of her victims.  All the information contained here is available to you if you have the time and money to go and get it. Much of this is public information (If you know where to look) and have the disposable time and cash.

Donna is a social predator who has charmed, manipulated and ruthlessly plow her way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and feelings for others, she selfishly takes what she wants and does as she pleases, violating all social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret.  She preys on human kindness and sees compassion as a weakness to be exploited. This is the real Donna Kaye Fussner Joyner Machos. She is living the result of her actions and there is your proof.  

Contained within this site are the truths about Donna Kaye Fussner Joyner Machos

These truths and documentation cannot be disputed.

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This site introduces you to the real Donna Kaye Fussner Joyner Machos

Follow the trail of documents on file with the court.  The queen of copy and paste will try to impress you with her illusions of enlightenment. She will try to impress you with supposed education (actual 13 days of one semester in college) but  a few catchy phrases later you should have understood that there is no substance as it is all part of the illusion. After Prison she will need your money. It may be a couple hundred or a few thousand. She will call on all of you for money and favors to re-establish her life. She has been successfully manipulating AA relationships for over a decade.  Now she has the Buddhists to leach off of. Read through this web page as the mystery of Donna Kaye Fussner Joyner Machos is unraveled for you. She has lied to you about what is really happening in her life and in the court. No one person has all the truths. There are many truths here for you and if you deny the facts presented here you deserve what she is going to do to you.  Profile of the Sociopath

Below is a link to public documents available to anyone who shows up at the court.      

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The names of the victims and the innocent will be protected here but, these documents are public and available to everyone at the court building. My versions of public documents will black out names as the victims have all suffered enough.


>>>>Crimes uncovered  see it here Portland Oregon 5/11/2010<<<<


Although the internet is a great tool, public information is often only available in person. There is enough real information for you to draw a quick   free   conclusion of DKM based on the documentation.  You should know that although there is a lot of downloadable information here this is not all the information.  I have protected the innocent, her family and friends where ever possible. She has very severe psychological problems. She is a danger to herself and anyone she has contact with in any daily situation. Her actions prove it as she fits the Profile of a Sociopath perfectly.

Read this Profile of the Sociopath  You will be shocked.

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Donna K Machos

 You cannot fix her. Nothing you can do or say will help her in any way. Please take this test if you Think it couldn't or hasn't happened to you?   

This is why:  There currently is no form of psychotherapy that works with those with antisocial personality disorder.

If you truly want to understand her you must read the whole page of Profile of the Sociopath.   Only then will you start to understand who and what you are dealing with.




Donna Machos

Read this Profile of the Sociopath

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